Recollections of Dorothy Round

Dorothy Round describes the toilet facilities at Marazion School in the 1920's:

Dorothy Round's memory of Marazion School

After sums we packed away the shells and Miss Lambert handed us our 'lunch' and we went out into the yard to eat it and have playtime. At the top of the yard was an open fronted shed where we could get some shelter on rainy days. It was on the girl's side of the yard. The boys had no shed. It did not matter if the boys got wet; although if the weather was really bad we were allowed to have playtime in the classrooms. Just outside the shed was the dustbin where we put our sandwich papers, orange peel and apple cores. It had another use too as I found the first time I needed to 'go bizzy' at school. There was no toilet paper in the outdoor lavatories, as it was not considered necessary for children. I did not need it for pee-wee, but for 'bizzy' I needed paper.

I appealed to Kathleen Ivey who had started school the previous September and was in the second class already. She told me to look in the dustbin and find a piece of paper that did not have too much jam on it. I thought that's a fine idea and rummaged happily among the lunch papers. I knew how to crumple the paper and squeeze it hard to soften it before unfolding it to use on my bottom. I had been taught to do that with the pages from the National Union of Teachers directory for the previous year, which is what we used at home, till all the pages had gone. Then we had to buy toilet paper which in those days was just as stiff as the pages.

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