Recollections of Clary Pearce

Clary Pearce was a typesetter at Wardens the Printers. He wrote in 1992:

"On the 8th August 1916, a great event took place - I was born! I was born at 1 Sea View Cottages, Oats Road, Marazion. Christened Edward Clarence Pearce, always known as Clary.

Clary Pearce's memories of Marazion

When I talk to Marazion people, those younger than myself, of what we had here they become amazed and say why don't you put it down on paper because if anything happens to me a lot of Marazion history will be lost.

Starting at the bottom of the town, the place that is now a Cara-Park was a one time a picnic grounds and saw mills. We had swings, roundabout, maypole, a sweet shop and tearooms. I went to the Methodist Sunday school at the bottom of town and each year we had a our Sunday School Treat. Headed by Marazion Town Band, we paraded up through the town down around Chymorvah, then the Rookery, the GEW and then onto the Picnic Grounds where we then dispersed. Each child was then given a bottle of pop (with a glass stopper) and a saffron bun the size of a dinner plate, games were played by young and old. The grown-ups had a sit down tea in the tearooms at the entrance to the Picnic Grounds. On the left hand side was the Saw Mills. The wood was all cut to uniform size and then chopped into kindling wood by a fellow called Garfield Chapple, they were then done up into bundles of equal size and secured by a wire band. These were then sold in the shops for 2d. a bundle. You must remember that in those days there were 240 pence to a 1-00 not 100 as is now."

Clary Pearce died in 2000 aged 83.

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