Arnold Derrington remembers the shops in Marazion

Arnold Derrington

Arnold Derrington (Derry) moved with his parents from Devon to St. Erth in 1924 and then to Marazion the following year. His memories of his childhood in the town over 80 years ago are vivid and his descriptions of the people and places in the 1930's, fascinating.

He lived in Arley House, North Street, went to the 'Council' School', worshipped in the Chapel and attended the Boys County School in Penzance as a fee payer at 75 shillings a term. Leaving in 1938 he trained as a teacher, served in the Air Force (gaining the D.F.C.) and then taught at Redruth, Cape Cornwall and St. Buryan where he became the Head. Since 1947 he has lived in Pendeen.

He remembers the shops in Marazion in the 1930's:

On the North Side of the road:

* West End Stores was next to the Primative Chapel and run by Miss Laity.
* Edwards Bakers
* Miss Williams' Grocery
where Sybil Mollard worked (married Morley Curnow.)
* Greenslades Pub
* Town Hall and Bank
* Mr. Jewels - Tailors
* Reynolds Dairy
* Wardens - printers/travel agents
publishers of the Marazion Advertiser
* Barclays Bank
* Mrs Hunt - Novelties, later * Miss Curtis' Gown Shop
* Miss Maidment's Hat Shop
* Mrs Bennetts Sweet Shop
* Methodist Chapel
* Fish and Chip Shop
* Freddie Reynolds Butchers
* Truscotts Bakers Shop
* East End Stores - Mr Miners.

On the South side of the road:

* Mr. Leachman's Stone Shop polished and precious stones
* Post Office - Horace Parker
* Tommy Reynolds Butchers
* Philip Calf's Newsagents
* Treglowns Chemists
* Bakers Banana Store
- where once a Scorpion was discovered in the Bananas
* Police Station
* Church
* Manor Office
* Mr Slatterwaite Grocers
* Hockings Barber Shop
* Praeds Shoe Shop
* Arthur Bennetts Plumbers Shop
* Mr Harris Basket maker
* Mr Hill, Plumber and part time Postman
* Mr Floyd Grocer
* Mr Johns Grocers
- whose father was a Mount Boatman called Abraham
* Mr. Laity's Travelling Grocery
* Fire Engine Inn
* Sam Bambers Artists Studio.

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